Final Reflections

Maintaining this blog over the last few weeks has been very helpful in reviewing the material learned in class.  I usually would not spend as much time as I have reviewing the readings and discussion boards.  It was also nice to have a required deadline for entries – I have tried starting blogs before and I can never stick with it.  I also enjoyed reading and commenting on my fellow classmates’ blogs.  The blog format allows the learner to use a more long-form and open ended style as compared to the discussion forums.  Often when reading my classmates’ blogs, I got the opportunity to see a more conversational approach to the learning material.  The blog also helped me to connect what I was learning to my own experience, helping to further solidify what I had learned in class.

I am also maintaining a reflective online journal on my E-Portfolio, located at  Check there to keep up with my progress in UMUC’s MDE program!


One thought on “Final Reflections

  1. jenmblackwell

    I made a similar assessment regarding the blogging exercise – I enjoyed the informal discussions that classmates were able to have via the blogs, and I felt it contributed a great deal to my understanding of the content. I also agree that without a deadline, something like blogging could simply fall by the wayside and be forgotten about. Another student mentioned that as much as she enjoyed the activity, she doubted she’d continue blogging simply because of how much work it was to keep up with. Overall, I thought the assignment was fun and quite applicable to the course.


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